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Advocating for Youth Contribution to Sustainability in sub-Saharan Africa, the Role of Research and Dialogue

The youth of Africa are contributing in their small way to reshaping the future of urban cities across this high-spirited continent

Stakeholders urged to provide requisite platforms to support young green businesses

Stakeholders have been called upon to provide the requisite platform to support numerous wonderful ideas and innovations of young

Press Release: GAYO to host the second edition of YouSustain Conference in December 2023

The YouSustain Conference 2023 will bring together over 150 participants from all over Africa both in-person and virtually with the objective

Sustainability Education in West Africa: Nurturing Environmental Stewards for a Greener Future

Education for sustainable development and environmental stewardship holds immense potential for shaping a greener and more equitable…

The Circular Economy: What It Is and Why You Should Care

Circular economy is a more sustainable approach to material use. In the past, we’ve used new inventions for a long time before we

The Power of Green Infrastructure in Urban Conservation and Regeneration

The conservation and regeneration of urban areas are imperative for creating sustainable and resilient cities. Green infrastructure offers…

Empowering Africa’s Future: Sustainable Energy Transitions for a Greener Continent

Sustainable energy transitions offer a promising pathway for Africa to overcome its energy challenges while embracing a cleaner…

YouSustain: Maiden conference on Youth and Sustainable Cities in Africa held

Youth play a critical role, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa where 60% of the population is 25 years or less.

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