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Opportunities for young Africans to venture into ecopreneurship are dire due to the socio-cultural practices and a lack of financial and technical support.

We are creating a platform for young people, developmental agencies, and researchers to have an intellectual discourse on how young people can be supported to contribute to urban sustainability in sub-Saharan Africa through ecopreneurship.

thematic areas

Waste management & circular economy

Agriculture in urban and peri-urban areas, climate-smart agriculture, and sustainable food systems

Climate adaptation and climate policy

Urban planning and governance

Urban transportation and innovation

Sustainable energy transitions

Education for sustainable development and environmental stewardship

Conservation and regeneration of urban areas and the implementation of green infrastructure

Climate-related hazards and nature-based solutions

Water supply, sanitation and hygiene

abstract submission

Researchers and practitioners interested in submitting their abstracts will have the opportunity to apply. Your abstract must contain brief introduction, objectives, research method and approach, and key findings.

scientific committee members

Thanks to our beloved partners and sponsors who support us to host this conference. Interested in becoming a supporting us? Contact us

green products exhibition

We provide a unique and exciting opportunity for young entrepreneurs and innovators involved in green businesses to showcase their products and services.
why join?


Gain exposure and visibility for your green products among a targeted audience interested in sustainable solutions. This is an ideal platform to reach potential customers, partners, and investors.


Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, researchers, and industry professionals who share your passion for sustainability. Build valuable relationships and explore collaborative opportunities to further enhance your business.

Feedback & Validation

Receive valuable feedback from industry experts and conference attendees, allowing you to refine and improve your products based on their insights. Showcase your innovative solutions and receive validation for your efforts in the field of sustainability.

Inspiration & Learning

Immerse yourself in a vibrant environment filled with groundbreaking research and inspiring ideas. Engage in conversations with experts and gain new perspectives that can fuel the growth and development of your green business.

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join us on the platform that allow young people, developmental agencies, and researchers to have an intellectual discourse to contribute to urban sustainability in sub-Saharan Africa through ecopreneurship.



Yes. Non-Ghanaians of African origin/descent are eligible to apply. Please keep in mind that the language of communication for the conference is English and thus applicants must have proficiency or working knowledge of the English language.
The conference is open to young people, students, experts, practitioners, researchers, policymakers, and developmental agencies with keen interests in young people’s role in promoting sustainability in sub-Saharan African cities.
Essentially, the conference organizers will only support the accommodation of foreign presenters. The organizers however will not be able to pay for the flight tickets and Visa application fees to and from the conference participant’s home country to Ghana. Please note that the support with accommodation is for foreign participants who will make a presentation at the conference and not for those who are only attending the conference as participants. By Kind courtesy of our sponsors, the organizers will support local (Ghanaian) presenters with financial assistance to help with their transport to and from the conference venue.
Yes. The conference organisers shall provide a certificate of participation for both the oral and posters at the conference. Green products exhibitors shall also be provided with a certificate of participation.
Yes. The conference will have a hybrid format. Both in-person and virtual.

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