the green products exhibition

We are excited to announce a unique opportunity for young entrepreneurs and innovators involved in green businesses to exhibit their products and services.
why join?


Gain exposure and visibility for your green products among a targeted audience interested in sustainable solutions. This is an ideal platform to reach potential customers, partners, and investors.


Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, researchers, and industry professionals who share your passion for sustainability. Build valuable relationships and explore collaborative opportunities to further enhance your business.

Feedback & Validation

Receive valuable feedback from industry experts and conference attendees, allowing you to refine and improve your products based on their insights. Showcase your innovative solutions and receive validation for your efforts in the field of sustainability.

Inspiration & Learning

Immerse yourself in a vibrant environment filled with groundbreaking research and inspiring ideas. Engage in conversations with experts and gain new perspectives that can fuel the growth and development of your green business.


Exhibition is open to young entrepreneurs (18-35) actively involved in green businesses or startups focused on sustainable solutions. Your business should align with the principles of environmental sustainability and demonstrate a commitment to reducing ecological footprints. For example, a business idea that upcycles plastic waste into raincoats and curtains. Making charcoal briquettes.

Product Categories

We welcome a wide range of green products and solutions, including but not limited to renewable energy technologies, eco-friendly consumer goods, sustainable agriculture and food products, waste management innovations, green transportation solutions, and more.

Exhibition Space

Each exhibitor will be provided with a designated tent space at the conference venue to showcase their products. Details regarding tent dimensions, setup instructions, and logistics will be communicated upon selection.

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